Saturday, October 24, 2009

42 Essential 3rd Act Twists!

Working on a short story, play, or screenplay? Unable to find an appropriate pivotal event for your final act?

Choose your genre—Tragedy? Sci-fi? Thriller?—and you'll find a number of pertinent suggestions for your third-act plot twist. They're arranged in nice thematic categories for you, ranging from the Petard Hoist ("Food starts eating people.") to the Shyamalan ("Devil deal backfires.") to the nefarious Double Shyamalan ("Devil actually autistic boy.").



  1. Jeff, this is AMAZING! My personal favorites are "Unintentional Incest" and "Schadenfreude Proves Unruly."
    You should share this with Steve Galloway...

  2. Dresdan Codak in general is amazing. Check out "Caveman Science Fiction."

  3. Oh man. I love the "Caveman Science Fiction" one.

    "Me go too far!"

  4. There are some hilarious ones involve Tiny Carl Jung and Tiny Heisenburg.

  5. I loved this too, actually saw it on another site a few days before it popped up here. Small internet world! I love the visual for "Amnesiac kidnaps self", he looks so indignant.