Thursday, November 12, 2009


I'd like to take a quick blog moment to commend Andrea for taking time out of her life to instruct less-savvy computerists on InDesign and type-setting. She's a fairly vital cog in the whole design machine, and I'm guessing most successful magazines would benefit from an Andrea.

Great work, lady!


  1. Agreement in totality! And she's so nice about it, too. I'd be all like, "Jeezuz!" And rolling my eyes and stuff.

  2. Make me blush.

    Dear Kaitlin: I am so not nice to the software programs. You should hear me. I make Hamilton proud.

    Dear Design Team: I love you kids & your love of sushi (seaweed included or exempted). Thank you for geeking out over fonts with me.

  3. I was geeking out of the font on this earlier:

  4. Much agreement! We salute you, captain. I'd stand on my chair right now if it didn't rock so.

  5. Seriously. Woo hoo! And for those to whom Andrea donated her kick-ass drawing skills, another round of props! I am utterly indebted ... thank you.

  6. The art nouveau font IS amazing! That's the subway stop near Montmarte, right?

    Thanks for liking my drawings!