Monday, November 29, 2010

The Last (Official) Day

Fuelled by clementines and oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies, we shared our life stories, filled out our self-evaluation forms, and created our excerpt files in InDesign.

A quick recap (for those missing or distracted by chocolate chunks):

Life Stories:
Alexis still has no phone, but is warm and cozy when in her place due to wood-burning stove.
Michelle K. has lots of energy due to her increased intake of unusual grains.
Kari saw a hagfish at the aquarium and marvelled at the perfect union of form and function.
Cara is excited about her December travels.
Jordan is not excited about his.
Allison bought each member of her family a sweater for Christmas. (Hopefully they don't read this.)
Elizabeth shared her enthusiasm for crocheting but warned of its addictive qualities.
Sabrina went to see the wrong movie. (No cannibalism involved.)
Michelle W. has somehow continued to resist the temptation to drive the big bus.

ebook Production:
For those that can make it, we'll be meeting on January 7th at noon in the lab to put together the excerpt booklet. We'll be meeting again on January 21st at 10:30 in the lab to do the final preparation of the ebook. (These dates have been added to the calendar.)

A plea from the design team to please send your location information to them! (See Allison's post from November 18th.)

Thank you and good night.


  1. Yes, those chocolate chunks were distracting! Thanks so much for keeping us on track, Kari, and for a recap of the life stories. What a great class. Wishing all of you a holiday filled with peace and chocolate.