Monday, October 5, 2009


Hi everyone -

Just thought I would post a sample of my brother's artwork - I asked him to illustrate a few of my poems, but I am also going to work on him illustrating some of your work if you need it, too. This is a great example of the comic-y, line-art type art that we have been discussing.

If this seriously appeals to you and you'd maybe like him to take on a few of your pieces, let me know and I will ask him. He's pretty twisty, so nothing fazes him.



  1. Great work design team! I love the comic/line art concept. I will definitely be needing an illustrator (drawing is not in my repertoire of skills).

  2. I know some comic drawers back home and will see if they'll draw some of my work - whichever piece my editor chooses. Come to think of it, have we discusses, as a class, how to determine what is going into the mag and what isn't? Which group is responsible for that?

  3. that'd be great, Natalie! the more artists, the better.

    i don't have answers for your questions. do you mean what's going in the mag in terms or artwork, or writing?

  4. I was also wondering about writing content (i.e. are we choosing one or more of, say, four poems that our partner gave us). Up until now, I was considering looking at them as a whole. An important conversation methinks!