Monday, October 5, 2009

guidelines for artwork

hey y'all!

first off, i never really use caps in web communication. sorry if that's really annoying for you.

the design team has decided to go with our initial idea for artwork for Thrust: we're going to give you a set of guidelines (keep reading -- they come later during this post), and it's up to you and your editorial partner to choose the piece that best suits your work.

i imagine some of you are kicking up your heels and getting your inkwells out; and others may feel a little out to sea. no worries. we'll throw you an inner tube in the form of suggestions for artists whose work you can peruse.

for example, i draw creatures, inanimate objects, one-panel pun comics. you can commission me to draw you something if you like. email me if you want to see my portfolio. Anna's brother draws too, and is willing to provide art for us. keep an eye out for more suggestions.

here are your guidelines for Thrust artwork:
  1. the artwork should be a screenprint, a comic, or some other type of handdrawn graphic art.
  2. it should be black and white; minimal grayscale is okay.
  3. file type: we prefer a vector file (EPS or Adobe Illustrator); a high-resolution TIFF could also work. we'll accept a JPEG under duress.
happy hunting,
the design team
(c/o andrea)

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  1. great! to clarify one point, editorial partners can decide together if they want to solicit the art for their own piece, or the piece they are editing. each student is responsible for finding one or two pieces of art to be included in the anthology. sound ok?